Friday, December 17, 2010

Its All About Purple n Silver

I am totally in love with this ornament ball wreath. Debbie Travis has one like this at Canadian Tire this year for Christmas. Gorgeous!!!. But being somewhat of scrooge this year; not interested in spending $29.99 so I decided I will try my hand and get creative - I'm gonna make my own wreath! This should be fun!

Anyhow, made my way to Michaels and purchased (a total of $15) all the items I need to complete my 'comprised' wreath. I decided to use the traditional wreath, but add the ornament balls as accents.

Using ornament hire hooks I attached the ornament balls to the wreath and I must say that took sometime. Especially, when trying to make a perfect circle. FYI - this takes patience if you are a perfectionist like moi!

Well, after two days I completed my purple n silver wreath. Using silver flower picks to add drama and character. I plan on making a few more before the holiday season is over. Hopefully, I can call myself an wreath expert! Ok, lets not get carried away, LOL

Would love to get your feedback as well as hearing about your creative wreath ideas.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Edible Wreaths

Photograph by Burcu Avsar

I came across this 'fun' edible wreath on the Food Network. Oh my gosh, it is to die for. But who said that wreaths could not be made with food? I think it is a fabulous craft idea for the whole family. The beauty is these wreaths can be made anytime throughout the year to add something different to everyday events.  Check out the site for more edible wreath ideas!