Sunday, April 11, 2010

Paying It Forward

I have spent the last 4 hours reading blogs, reviewing Facebook fan pages for the TOP 10 couples who are in friendly competition on becoming the next Wedding Saviour 'Durham' couple to win a free wedding.

I am really honored to be apart of on organization that is paying it forward, but who also inspired 20 couples (including the TOP 10) to also pay it forward in there respective communities. The ideas that these couples came up with...its mind blowing. However, the most amazing thing is that these charitable acts are not one time deals. Some couples have made monthly commitments to help out where they can, the gift that keeps on giving.

Below is a list of the few different charitable events that the TOP 10 couples came up with:

- Cupcakes for Charity
- Project: Time and Space
- Sick Kids Foundation Yard Sale
- Bruce Hanscombe Memorial Park: Park Clean Up
- Volunteering at St. Vincent's kitchen in Oshawa
- Donating Blood
- Bone Marrow Match Program
- Donating to The Make A Wish Foundation
- 'Challenge for Charity' Event Wedding Saviours - Vince and Natalie's "Challenge for Charity" Event!

The top three will be selected in less than 72 hours....please visit the Wedding Saviors site to vote for your favorite couple.

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