Monday, November 29, 2010

The Traditional Holiday Beverage

Ever since I can remember the holidays always involved the famous Sorrel beverage. Yes, it's true this beverage can be bought in stores, but there is nothing like homemade sorrel during the holidays.

Sorrel is a holiday beverage, and the main ingredient is the sorrel plant. The plant is referred to has the hibiscus flower. It is used to make a sort of tea that is served either hot or cold. The drink has a displeasing taste, so many people decide to cover the sour flavor with ginger and/or cinnamon. These flavorings help make the beverage a recognizable holiday drink in the Caribbean.

Picture by Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times

Sorrel is available in other parts of the world, just called a different name. In Latin markets hisbicus flowers is known as jamaica and so is the beverage. In West Africa the flowers are known as roselle and bissap and in Nigeria the drink is called zobo

Interested in making Sorrel click here

I would love for you to try the recipe and let me know your thoughts on the famous holiday beverage. Can't wait for Christmas day to sit back with my glass of sorrel in one hand and a plate of corn pudding, fruit cake, and ice cream in the other.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inexpensive Holiday Decor

Every season it can be a challenge to make my home feel festive without spending a fortune! This year I've thought of creative ways to bring the colours and joy of the season into your home and mine, without the hefty price tags. The key is to choose everyday items that you can creatively add your personalized colour and decoration to. They will soon become heirlooms in your home that you will want to bring out year after year.

Using natural elements: To save money and bring in organic materials, use natural elements such as pine cones and twigs to transform a simple article into personalized holiday decorations.

  • Use glass vases of varying sizes and fill with small ornaments. Ornaments can match your decor in 1 or 2 colours, or use metallic paint colours to add drama and visual interest. Place twigs inside of the vase and use as a centerpiece place on your fireplace mantel.
    5-minute-vases_300 Whitney Tesler, on Flickr
  • Take pine cones and collect them in a decorative vase. The vase can be stemmed or consider using a hurricane lamp. Decorate the stemmed vase with festive ribbon or for natural touch use raffeta tied in a bow. Stencil holiday symbols on the vase such as trees, bells, snowflakes to add a holiday touch. 

Holiday ornaments and decor: Ornaments and decorative elements can double as holiday elements that make your home feel festive, and will make guests feel welcome when you entertain.

  • Tie string around existing ornaments and use push pins to hang from the ceiling . Use varying lengths of ribbon in coordinating colour to make your room have a new dimension of fun! Metallic ribbon looks great for parties while fishing wire will make the ornaments appear to float! You choose the look that fits your home. 
Oh Christmas Tree! by Homes and Gardens
  • Looking for taller holiday ideas for a foyer, entryway, or small spaces? Try taking a tall glass cylinder vase and place holiday wrapping paper inside; a colour of your choice. Or even a small medium sized pail and spray paint to match holiday decor. Use tall spray painted twigs and wood reeds to give height and colour to your space. This same idea can be duplicated around your home in varying colours and sizes.
Your holiday home shouldn't depend on your wallet. With these inexpensive ideas your home can go from everyday normal to designer decorated. Try these tips today and let me know if you have any saving tips to share too!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why not 'Embellish' for the Holidays

As a demonstrator for Uppercase Living, I have been made aware of many things that I would not have been otherwise. This company offers beautiful decorative lettering, embellishments and expressions that can be applied quickly and easily to walls, tiles, wood blocks, and other meaningful places.

It is just absolutely mind boggling what you can do with this stuff; I mean just use your IMAGINATION the possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WeddingSaviors Contributes to a 'New Beginning'

The Wedding day has come and gone and what a beautiful day it was! The very creativity and uniqueness that Sarah and Larry possess was made evident in this wedding; theme: 'Alice in Wonderland'. It was everywhere, not to be missed, and it was beautifully and elegantly done. In every detail, you can see the effort that was put in by all team members involved it was a wedding that Sarah and Larry would never forget. 

What truly made this wedding a dream come true was the passion and dedication of the Wedding Planner, Astra Dwyer from On Your Day Events. Her wealth of experience and love for her job ensured that the days events along with the coordination of the vendors went off without a hitch!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Is Fast Approaching

Christmas is soon approaching... It's time to put up the Christmas tree, hang stockings, hang garlands over staircases and/or fireplaces, adding decorative accessories all over the house as well as preparing the tableware for that Christmas feast. However, for some it also includes leaving out cookies and milk for Santa, how fun! Truthfully, I haven't done it - no fireplace for Santa to come down, LOL

Well, why not welcome Santa in style with our exclusive Cookies for Santa Charger Kit! It is the perfect way to display homemade treats or decorate for the holidays. Available for just $9.95 (round) or $11.95 (square) over a $25 value. It makes a great gift for family, friends, neighbors, and teachers - at these prices you can give one to everyone on your list!