Thursday, July 1, 2010

Do Your Walls Talk?

For the past couple of months I have been fascinated with wall decor and expressions. The idea of adding your unique personality to your walls excites me!

Just to give you some history...late last summer I was on the hunt to find a company that could custom design a specific expression for my dining room walls, preferably a company in Canada. I came across Splash Wall Art in Oshawa,ON. They provide great products at reasonable prices but again in US funds. Needless to say the hunt ended successfully. I had the expression, "Home is where you treat your friends like family and your family like friends' customized and delivered.

I love this expression. It really speaks to what my home is about, especially the decor of the dining room. I chose warm colours as I wanted to create a room that was inviting, welcoming, and comfortable. I wanted my dining room to be a place where invited and uninvited guests feel welcome, where conversation without hesitation can be had, and where lasting memories can be made. I love this room!!!

Anyhow, I was apart of the International Home and Garden Show and one of the other vendors was Uppercase Living . I immediately fell in love and decided that this was a company that I wanted to partner with.

It's an opportunity to offer my clients the personalized touch their home needs with elegant decorative lettering. Our expressions are inspirational, easy to apply, and provide a professional, artistic look.

Yeah, so as I was saying, I have been consumed with wall decor and trying to find new ways to use them in my home. I have a few clients that have applied UL expression to their walls and it is absolutely beautiful. Hope to have some pics soon. But for now here a few sample pictures of what you can do:

Expressions can be applied to furniture.

Expressions can be used to create an accent wall.

You can even find everyday necessities in vinyl to apply to your walls.

Using our expressions to place a 'stamp' on your home.

Photos can also be sent in and made into vinyl to add that 'real' personal touch to your walls.

Visit my Online Catalogue and you’ll be able to browse through our Idea catalogs and create your own expressions using our MyDesign Suite Tool.

If you'd like to get more info give me a shout!

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