Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inexpensive Holiday Decor

Every season it can be a challenge to make my home feel festive without spending a fortune! This year I've thought of creative ways to bring the colours and joy of the season into your home and mine, without the hefty price tags. The key is to choose everyday items that you can creatively add your personalized colour and decoration to. They will soon become heirlooms in your home that you will want to bring out year after year.

Using natural elements: To save money and bring in organic materials, use natural elements such as pine cones and twigs to transform a simple article into personalized holiday decorations.

  • Use glass vases of varying sizes and fill with small ornaments. Ornaments can match your decor in 1 or 2 colours, or use metallic paint colours to add drama and visual interest. Place twigs inside of the vase and use as a centerpiece place on your fireplace mantel.
    5-minute-vases_300 Whitney Tesler, on Flickr
  • Take pine cones and collect them in a decorative vase. The vase can be stemmed or consider using a hurricane lamp. Decorate the stemmed vase with festive ribbon or for natural touch use raffeta tied in a bow. Stencil holiday symbols on the vase such as trees, bells, snowflakes to add a holiday touch. 

Holiday ornaments and decor: Ornaments and decorative elements can double as holiday elements that make your home feel festive, and will make guests feel welcome when you entertain.

  • Tie string around existing ornaments and use push pins to hang from the ceiling . Use varying lengths of ribbon in coordinating colour to make your room have a new dimension of fun! Metallic ribbon looks great for parties while fishing wire will make the ornaments appear to float! You choose the look that fits your home. 
Oh Christmas Tree! by Homes and Gardens
  • Looking for taller holiday ideas for a foyer, entryway, or small spaces? Try taking a tall glass cylinder vase and place holiday wrapping paper inside; a colour of your choice. Or even a small medium sized pail and spray paint to match holiday decor. Use tall spray painted twigs and wood reeds to give height and colour to your space. This same idea can be duplicated around your home in varying colours and sizes.
Your holiday home shouldn't depend on your wallet. With these inexpensive ideas your home can go from everyday normal to designer decorated. Try these tips today and let me know if you have any saving tips to share too!

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