Friday, December 17, 2010

Its All About Purple n Silver

I am totally in love with this ornament ball wreath. Debbie Travis has one like this at Canadian Tire this year for Christmas. Gorgeous!!!. But being somewhat of scrooge this year; not interested in spending $29.99 so I decided I will try my hand and get creative - I'm gonna make my own wreath! This should be fun!

Anyhow, made my way to Michaels and purchased (a total of $15) all the items I need to complete my 'comprised' wreath. I decided to use the traditional wreath, but add the ornament balls as accents.

Using ornament hire hooks I attached the ornament balls to the wreath and I must say that took sometime. Especially, when trying to make a perfect circle. FYI - this takes patience if you are a perfectionist like moi!

Well, after two days I completed my purple n silver wreath. Using silver flower picks to add drama and character. I plan on making a few more before the holiday season is over. Hopefully, I can call myself an wreath expert! Ok, lets not get carried away, LOL

Would love to get your feedback as well as hearing about your creative wreath ideas.

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